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Our Cats ...

I can't imagine to live without a cat and people who don't like them are rarely amongst my friends.
I was certainly such a small panther in a previous life ...

Benji & Bamboo
(Mars 2009 - ...)

Benji (grey) and Bamboo (red-haired) are two brothers. Not being able to choose one, we took both ...
Eclair accepted pretty well these two turbulent baby cats and play the dad's role although he shows some irritation from time to time !

(Spring 2008 - 28.11.2008)

Cookie started to visit us and our cat-lovers neighbors in summer 2008.

Not well fed, he found better conditions in our home and remained.

After a prolonged week-end, we found him hurt at the chin, part of the skin was peeled off. The veterinarian did a great job in "repairing" him and took the opportunity to castrate him.

Extremely tender, he got along with Eclair very well and they remained side by side on the windowsill or eating into the same dish.

As he arrived very young we tried, in an attempt to protect him, to get him used to remain home during the night.

Unfortunately, the road is very close road and the huge number of cars drive very fast there despite the low speed limits. Most of the drivers try every evening to beat the previous day record and the authorities are not that fast to put in place measures to force them to slow down.

Cookie was killed a Friday late afternoon while he was only a few months old.

His death is very difficult to accept because he was very cute, tender and particularly clever.

I'll miss his small black paws and brown nose for long.

He's resting with Cacahute, Fripouille and Zo in our cat's cemetery in our garden.

(2006 ? - ...)

Eclair (Lightning) appeared a few weeks after Caramel disappeared, around April 2007.
This cat was already adult and hasd no fear, he quickly chose our home definetely.

Relationship with Cacahute was far from perfect and we had to give them dedicated areas to avoid conflicts.

He's a homelover and does his walks regularly but appreciates also to remain on the windowsill and look at the surroundings.

With Cookie, harmony was perfect and they remained side by side on the windowsill: both were gossips !

This cat has very strange habits ...

First, he's not afraid of the car or motorbike to the point he remains on the car while we're moving it.
He enjoys to remain near the rear window so, if you see a black car with a cat moving his head, don't laugh after the driver, the cat may be true !

Every time I'm back from work, he hears the garage door opening and runs, jumps on the motorcycle and on my shoulders. He lies down on the shoulders over my neck and goes down only when I throw him on the sofa otherwise, he would remain there for hours.

I've nothing against that except that to remain in place he uses his claws ...
It is just fine with a motorcycle jacket, but with a T-shirt, I've serious scratches on my shoulders !

Another strange behavior, he wants to give us kisses but as he doesn't know how to make them, he gently bites the chin, cheek, nose or ears ...

(printemps 2006 - 26.6.2008)

Cacahuète (Peanut) appeared two days before Christmas 2006 miaowling like a mad in front of our house ...

We thought he was hurt but luckily he was just starving.
He came back for several days until he remained forever.
Caramel accepted him but showed him clearly who was the boss by lieing down on him and biting the nape of his neck.

Cacahute had a very strange way of walking, his rear legs giving the impression of not being synchronized with the front ones ...

Very tender and, at the same time, very independent, he alternated naps at home and night walks.

We had very pleasant times until a car killed him on the road just in front of our house.

Our neighbours lost two cats this way, this road and the field on the other side are a true trap for cats.

Since then, he's resting with Zo and Fripouille.

(2004 ? - March 2007)

Caramel was not officially our cat as he was own by another family in the neighborhood but, he was always in our home, eating and sleeping here.

He was a very calm cat, capable of watching cars passing very close to him without frightening.
He was very sweet but took to much place in the bed and from time to time, in the middle of the night, "played" with our feet.

Well, it was mostly with my wife's feet which made me laugh quite a bit ...

As he wasn't our cat we didn't castrate him and thus Caramel was a serious fighter and came home pretty often hurt, luckily not heavily.

After the death of both Zo and Fripouille, we, mostly I in fact, weren't ready to take another cat.
Caramel just adopted us ...

Caramel disappeared in March 2007 letting us with the very disagreeable feeling of not knowing what happened to him.

Wherever you are, rest in peace ...

Just an advice, when he looked at you in such a way, it was time to move quickly !

(8.1985 - 16.8.2004)

Fripouille (swindler) was the cat of my wife Martine.
He was slightly oversized: 12kg, about 24 pounds at his maximum a few years ago.
He was extremely jealous, it took me several years of efforts to finally be accepted.
We finally be good friends, especially when he was hungry ...
I loved him because he frightened my mother-in-law !
Well, in fact, he was not so bad, he bit and scratched sometimes, but I was (usually) quicker than him ...

he finally joined Zo in the garden.
We'll need some time before another panther joins us.

Our black panther in the jungle ...

(5.5.1986 - 22.1.2003)

Although "Zo" is a female name, our Zo was a He (well, something was missing ...).
Zo had an unusual story:
He was the cat of a family in the neighborhood. He arrived one day by climbing our hedge and came back to visit us more and more frequently until he stayed definitely.
He had no collar and we didn't know where he came from, so we gave him the name "Moustache" (whiskers).
One day, we found a note that a big cat named Zo was missing. This cat wasn't that big (well, if compared to Fripouille ...), but, when we called him Zo, he reacted immediately, so, reluctantly, we phoned the family.
The lady came and took him, but, less than an hour after, Zo was back again! This family had him for eight years before their first child arrived. As many children he was somewhat noisy and the cat decided to move away ...

He saw that Fripouille didn't seem so bad in that home, no child's around, cool people, good stuff, so he tried ... He took his place very progressively: we couldn't touch him before 2 months and he let Fripouille stay the master (two males together could be a nightmare ...). Since then, he was a full member of our family.
He needed tenderness and his usual small trip in the neighborhood early in the morning and late in the evening just to verify that everything was in order.
He was one of the most clever cats I've ever seen, extremely kind and quiet and with lots of psychology. He had such a strange way to fix you in the eyes that I'm not completely sure that he was really a cat, the body was a cat, but, inside, he was more human than many bipeds.

I would like to thank his old family for having let him come with us, Zo has been a marvelous friend during all these years !

Only a long time will reduce the pain of his loss. 

He rests now in our garden and if he listens from the cat's paradise: "Zo, we loved you so much !"

Sleeping together ...

Would like to see other cats ? Here are those of my mother (just click on the thumbnail to enlarge):

And "Ptole", the female I had during 12 years. Her loss in 85' was dramatic ...

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